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The Kidonomics Series (TKS) 

Creating Mini Money Managers

Dr. M is a financial facilitator and a merchant of imagination.She teaches people of all ages core economic and financial concepts to empower them to make better decisions to have a more secure and prosperous life. She provides avenues regardless of age or knowledge for you to practice and implement these concepts in your daily life. Her books, talks and lectures really take common sense the next level. Her passion comes from the need to logically put order to things. Her role is to bring order and clarity to an important but sometimes intimidating subject for many individuals and families.

Dr. M is the nucleus of The Kidonomics Series and all its various spin offs. She has changed the way we teach finance and economics to kids.Her story started in high school, at age 13. She always tells the story of her first day of Economics 101. 

The teacher walked into class holding a piece of wood in her hand. "If I use this piece of wood to make a chair why can't I use it to make a table?" she asked. To me the answer was so obvious. Nearly all hands in the class went up and the teacher called on everyone else but me. I was sure that someone would answer the question before I could have a chance to, but no one did. I though it was odd. I was last one to answer. When it was my turn, my response was "because you already used it to make the chair, so you can't use it to make anything else."

Even at that young age she intuitively understood the concept of scarcity. It was clear to her that if you used the wood to make a chair then you will not have it to make a table or a stool or anything else. It was there that her love affair with economics started. The logical was simple and elegant. She could explain everything in life based on this one concept. It is this concept that is at the core of society. Our current economic and financial models are based on the concept of scarcity, as such we are always seeking to maximize benefits and minimize costs. 

Dr. M is always seeking knowledge. In her quest to understand the nature of things she has done an enormous amount of research into metaphysics and science. Ancient texts and stories of man's spiritual evolution have always fascinated her. She is even more excited these days with the research in physics and neuroscience which is bridging the gap between metaphysics and science. For the first time in history, science and metaphysics are saying the same thing. True the vocabulary is different but they are both conveying the same message. How do these breakthroughs affect us as individuals, as a community, as a country? What impact does it have on how we conduct our daily lives? What kind of changes do we need to make? When our perception changes how does it affect us physically,psychologically? How will it impact our future as a society? Will it change how we structure and do business?

Enter The Adventures of Ribbit Skibitt (TAORS) and The Grand Elder Tales (GET), these series allow Dr. M to present deep philosophical ideas and pose questions to children and get them thinking outside the box. TAORS and GET allow the imagination to run wild, there are no limits and the possibilities are endless. Dr.M's goal is to ground children in practical life skills so that they can be financial independence in their adult life. This will allow them the freedom to explore the purpose and goal of life. It is her hope that TAORS and GET would be the stepping stones for children to venture into a whole new way of thinking and being. Dr. M wants to make our children so strong and powerful that there is no limit to what they can accomplish for themselves and for humanity.

Children who read the Dr. M series will be:

  • Logical and systematic thinkers
  • Confident decision makers
  • Successful goal setters and achievers
  • Inspired with wonder and imagination
  • Infused with creativity and spontaneity

The Dr. M series gives children Plaii Plaii-(Pronounce Play)

Plaii -Practical Logic And Infinite Imagination